about us

Skylight Shaft, Barson Resdience

  • we make it personal.

    As a small two person firm our clients receive the expertise and commitment of a principal partner managing their project, every step of the way. Our clients have a single contact who is intimate with all aspects of their project from construction details to budget and timeline.
  • we love what we do.

    A construction project is often a milestone in a client's life. The personal space or business they have imagined and worked for is finally becoming a reality. Partnering in that process is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work.
  • we're cost effective.

    Another aspect of being a boutique company is that we do not have the overhead of expensive office space or managing support staff. Our time and resources are dedicated to our clients.
  • our relationships pay off.

    We have long standing relationships with a diverse team of skilled subcontractors and craftsmen. Together we have a history of problem solving and meeting both deadlines and budgets. Our subcontractors know our projects will be well managed which is reflected in their pricing.
  • our experience means results.

    We entered the construction business from design and management backgrounds. We know that design can elevate construction to the level of art. A well run project maximizes these results and saves time and money.
  • we're committed to creating an effective team.

    Our goal on every project is that the architect, engineer, construction manager and subcontractors work with mutual regard for the expertise each brings to the project. Good communication, quick problem solving, quality of construction and meeting deadlines are the result.